Skinny Champagne- Thomson & Scott

8/1/2018 8:42 AM

Amanda Thomson of Thomson & Scott- Skinny Champagne explains how the idea came about to market these zero dosage champagne with up to 0.1g of sugar per litre.

“While I was studying in France, I was crystallizing the idea of a business in wine and champagne, and then in my mind I was starting to marry up the health aspect – the fact that sugar was added to champagne as part of the process and that people outside the business didn’t know about it. So that was where my storytelling angle started to come into play.”

“I was at a tasting in Paris one day, and I had my Eureka moment when I tried this incredible no added sugar champagne. I knew that this was the champagne I wanted to work with.”

“I researched the producer, and he was really the king of no added and low-sugar champagne. So he was ahead of his own game, particularly in the wine industry which is very traditional.”

“So over the course of another year, I persuaded him that my idea would work. He thought it was a little crazy initially, but we became friends and I said, “When we get back to London, I want to self-launch this champagne under my brand, Thomson & Scott Skinny.”

“So that’s how it started and I went ahead and built my business around that as the initial Halo product. Finding the first product was the lynchpin, it really is your perfect no added sugar champagne, and so we are just taking the perfect example and using the Thomson & Scott Skinny brand to turn the idea of what people know on its head and really putting the spotlight on transparency in the wine and champagne sector in a way that nobody has before.”

“In a nutshell, that was how the original idea came about. I started really from that idea and then all of a sudden, I was in the wine business. But I wanted to operate outside it and what I mean by that is that all of my friends in every single industry outside the wine business felt like they weren’t part of that club. What interests me about the opportunity is there was this idea that really high-end “clean” food had been democratised in many ways in that you can get an organic hand-reared Wagyu burger from a street food truck, and yet, the wine industry still feels very formal, traditional and male orientated, and a bit elitist at times, and I want to break this down and introduce people to quality champagne and sparkling wine with less sugar.”

“For a very long time, everybody thought I was nuts, particularly those in the drinks industry. I think some people still do. And it’s quite useful. Because the longer people think I’m doing something a little bit unusual or a bit wacky or that I’m never going to be a force to be reckoned with, I find that it gives me a lot more traction.”

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