Graham Norton can't stop making Wine!

7/31/2019 4:55 PM

Celebrity wines aren’t uncommon. Celebrity wines where the person with their name on the bottle gets hands-on with the winemaking are almost unheard of. This year sees the release of the sixth vintage of Graham Norton’s Own SauviGNon Blanc, and it’s the fifth vintage that the star has blended himself.


Collaborators, New Zealand winery Invivo & Co again brought samples of Marlborough SauviGNon Blanc to Graham in London, for a three-hour session of sampling, blending,  assessing and finally approving. Then winemaker Rob Cameron took the final recipe back to New Zealand to create this year’s vintage.


The wine will then be on sale in ten countries where the Graham Norton wine brand is now available.

So, how’s the wine? Norton admits that the 2019 blending session was hard work: a standout vintage in Marlborough, New Zealand, meant it was tough to pick winners from this year’s vineyard samples.


Winemaker Rob Cameron says the 2019 wine is Invivo & Co winemaker Rob Cameron says the 2019 wine is “Delicious! 2019 has been a great vintage and Graham has characteristically weaved his blend between parcels with herbaceous characters and other with more tropical and citrus notes.  Overall the wine is a beautifully bold statement of Sauvignon Blanc which I’m sure will be a hit with all GN fans”

All GN wines are on special offer for the month of August.

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