Food & Wine Pairing

12/19/2019 3:09 PM

Today there is more information than ever on why we love certain foods and flavour combinations. When it comes to food and wine pairing, most folks lean on the phrase “What grows together, goes together” as a starting point. Be that Spanish wines go well with tapas, Italian wines go well with pizzas and pasta dishes etc.

Why do certain wines go with certain foods?

When you start analysing the structure of wine, each type of wine features different characteristics such as acidity, tannin, alcohol level, and sweetness. We think a great tip is if you start thinking about wine traits as flavour ingredients, it becomes easier to pair them with a meal.


So how come a big full-bodied red wine doesn’t go with a fatty fish like salmon?

Tannin and fat actually counteract each other quite well, so it would seem like an oily fish such as salmon would pair well with a red wine. The reason it doesn’t work is because the tannin in the wine and the fattiness of the fish cancel each other out leaving you with a residual fishy flavour in your mouth…doesn’t sound very pleasant.

Fish pairs well with wines that have a cleansing effect (a.k.a. high acidity). The wine acts as a cleanser of the palate. One of our favourites is champagne with fish and chips from our local fish shop. The oiliness of the fish and chips is cleansed from your palate by the high acid of the Champagne.

In case you are unsure, we have a food match for every single wine on our site!

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