5 Made For Each other Wine And Food Pairings

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Many people believe that the task of pairing wine and food is not a common man’s task. They think that combining the two of them aptly can only take place in a five star restaurant. There is not much art but actually science involved in this.


Wine and food can actually complement each other really well and provide extreme pleasure and enhance the taste and the experience of consuming them. So, to make it better, we have rounded up 5 food and wine combinations that will certainly help you boost up the game.


1. Chocolate and Red wine:

Always loved wine? What’s better than combining it with chocolate to form a perfect blend! Well, finding the perfect wine to pair with your chocolate isn’t a light task. If the food is sweeter than that of the wine, it will seem baldy. So, if you’re choosing a dark chocolate, pair it with a sweet red wine. However, If you’re choosing a very sweet dessert or chocolate, you can go for a lighter wine. We enough Port paired with chocolate too!


2. Macaroni and Cheese with Riesling:

Foods like macaroni and cheese have always been counted amongst our favorites. Though we mostly used to eat such food items when we were young, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t consume it with a fresh and strong glass of wine. Dry and acidic wine like that of Riesling goes very well along with heavy foods like mac and cheese as it stabilises the element of heaviness because of the content of minerals.


3. Fried foods and Bubbles:

We have always associated beer with fried chicken or fried fish. But you will be surprised and glad to know that Champagne & Prosecco pairs amazingly well with fried chicken. The acidity and the bubbliness cut out the saltiness and fattiness of the fried food.


4. Popcorn with Cabernet Sauvignon:

The best feeling is to just sit back, relax, watch movies along with a pack of popcorn after a tiring day. Isn’t it? Pairing popcorn with wine is a great idea as wine also helps to soothe you down and take it easy. The fruity rich Cabernet Sauvignon will be a good duo to it by helping absorb the butteriness of popcorn.


 5. Pizza with an Italian Red:

Always paired beer to gulp down a pizza loaded with cheese? We feel that foods and wine from the same country pair well. We believe that all of our Italian red wines would pair well with a pizza with the base of tomato sauce and the topping of cheese alone or even toppings of pepperoni/ ham/ vegetarian


From the above combinations we can figure out that twinning mainly depends on a number of factors like acidity, sugar, fat, salt and so on. Now that you know, try these amazing pairings.



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Ann is the content creator at remedyliquor.com. She loves blogging, writing, reading, learning, and teaching. She loves to pen down her thoughts on wine and food. When she is not writing, she loves to travel and explore new places to savor some unique wine. She also loves to try out new recipes to match her favourite wines! 


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